Personality Dimensions® in Action and Relationships

relationships-coloursRelationships can be difficult to build, maintain, and grow in today’s fast paced world.  Reaching out to people, visiting with people we care about, and ensuring that our network stays connected to us can be overwhelming and draining. The advantage of using tools such as Personality Dimensions® allows us to position ourselves in the best way to connect with others, in their preferred manner. This does not mean we have to be untrue to ourselves, but knowing the other person’s Dimensions can certainly put the odds in your favour to enrich and grow your relationships. So how do we approach each of the four colours, and build those relationships so that they feel appreciated, loved, and respected?  Here are some tips!

To build relationships with Authentic Blues:

  • Remember important dates (such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.);
  • Build relationships that respect their need for empathy, harmony, and growth; and
  • Avoid confrontation and harsh language, as they may shutdown and avoid contact

To build relationships with Inquiring Greens:

  • Respect their need for space; so if they don’t contact you as often as you’d like, don’t take it personally;
  • Avoid repetitive activities, as they may become bored easily, especially when it comes to expressing emotions and feelings; and
  • Hold stimulating and logical type conversations. These conversations may turn into debates, deep in nature, and may include heavier topics, so be prepared for it!

To build relationships with Organized Golds:

  • Respect their need for time to be spent to include structured times and dates; and make sure you show up on time!;
  • Organized Golds are fairly easy going, as long as there are no surprises! Let them know what to expect during your meeting with them, with plenty of notice.  Ensure that you notify them of any changes to plans as soon as possible;
  • Include them in planning the events and gatherings, and ensure that they’re not made to feel like a last minute addition.

To build relationships with Resourceful Oranges:

  • Understand that they need flexible timelines and spontaneity in their relationships;
  • Activities for Resourceful Oranges often include high energy, stimulating senses, and exploring new things;
  • Try to have meet ups that involve differing activities, so that they feel the freedom to choose what feels right for them at that time.


NancyNancy Tavares-Jones, MC, RP, CCC is a registered psychotherapist in Toronto, Ontario.  She has a thriving private practice, and is an on-site trauma responder for organizations needing immediate on-site support.  She is a self-proclaimed “personality type geek”, and loves to help people learn more about themselves and others.  Feel free to visit and connect with her at