Personality Dimensions® – It’s All About Communication

We were talking about the early days of working with Personality Dimensions® at the office earlier today – okay, I was talking, the others were listening; they’re all from the next generation – and it reminded me of one presentation that really stands out in my memory and that has helped shape Personality Dimensions® in some ways.

I had been invited to speak at a gathering of leaders for a youth organization. There were leaders from all over southern Ontario present, a hundred or so if memory serves, including from their headquarters. I’d been given an hour or two to do to an introduction to temperament theory/Personality Dimensions® and I included an emphasis on interpersonal communications.

The lovely ladies (it was all ladies present) who volunteered their time and talents to the youth in their units all seemed to be really interested and a lot of discussion took place. The room was, to my eye, largely a sea of blue, and I’m not just talking about the uniforms. Sitting at the front, clustered around one large table were the leaders from headquarters – a very Organized Gold group, with some Authentic Blue and one Inquiring Green. Everyone, regardless of their plaid, was there because they wanted to do the very best job that they could for the kids.

anna-earl-1679846-unsplashI did the presentation and it was well received so I started to pack up and prepare for my 4 hour drive home. It took me another 2 hours to get out the door! Foregoing the break that was planned immediately after my presentation, many of the ladies gathered around to help me – and to talk about how my presentation applied to them specifically. While some talked about their kids or spouses and how they now recognized why they didn’t always see eye to eye – the usual reaction people have after they’ve been introduced to Personality Dimensions® – many wanted to talk about the actual organization. It seems that there had been some problems between headquarters and many of the leaders. Some were actually in tears (in case you don’t know me, I’m a bright Inquiring Green; tears can be a bit of a challenge for me to deal with so to say I was surprised at this reaction to my presentation would be quite the understatement)!

It quickly became clear that changes were being made to the program at the top level but no one was actually explaining why. Keep in mind that many of the ladies had been volunteering for several years, often starting when their own child wanted to join and a new leader was needed to keep the group going and then staying on long afterwards to continue to give to the next groups. They were hurt and felt a bit resentful. Now they understood a bit more about the differences in communication styles for each colour; it wasn’t personal, and was never intended to be.

I got home a bit later than I’d planned to that evening but the whole event left quite an impression on me – obviously; it took place almost two decades ago and I’m telling you about it now. If we are able, as Personality Dimensions® facilitators, to give those who we have the opportunity to speak with a greater sense of self-respect and understanding for others and in the process allow them to see the differences in communication styles for each colour – and fill in any missing gaps – we will have done a great thing!


Yours, from the back office.


Denise Hughes is the Director and owner of Denise HeadshotCLSR Inc. and general editor of Personality Dimensions® materials and products. She just noticed the calendar and realized it is just past the 44th anniversary of her introduction to career and type and temperament materials. Those experiences and the expertise she gained through her years with the Guidance Centre, University of Toronto, and now with CLSR, continue to shape the direction that both CLSR and Personality Dimensions® take.

Personality Dimensions® – The School Bell Rings and The Kids are Off!

cls-4225501September starts off with a bang as parents juggle school schedules, organized programs and finding valuable family time – not to mention dealing with how each of their offspring react to these changes. And often the parents we meet have no idea how helpful it can be to understand their kid’s temperament at this crucial time of the year.

To help parents, we have listened to kids’ conversations, observed kids over the years and even asked our own panel of students (a.k.a. our grandchildren) how they approach September. Here’s hoping this will help!

Our Resourceful Oranges may be feeling the crunch ––  they realize the freedom of summer holidays is over. Fall routines kick in fast and may serve to make these usually high energy Resourceful Orange kids feel stifled. They sometimes risk breaking the rules that seem so difficult to follow and a little overwhelming to our adventurers, although they may tell their parents they were simply bending the rules a little! Their spontaneous, in-the-moment way of acting can be very infectious and other kids may join in the fun, so making new friends, while continuing to hang out with old friends, comes as second nature to these children. They will tell you how great a class is when it includes group work, entertaining activities, little sitting in one place and lots of hands-on “doing.” Keeping these energetic Resourceful Oranges active after school can be a handful for some parents, who have told us that the secret is to get them involved in sports, drama, or music once the school day is done, and if there is a competition involved, all the better for these kids who want to win!

Who loves to learn? Inquiring Greens of course!! However, they can be their own worse enemy when it comes to submitting school work that they deem to be imperfect. This is especially true if it’s in a subject that they have an intense interest in and they think that their work could be better if only they had more time. Appearing incompetent stresses them out, yet so does feeling unchallenged by the work. While they may at first seem very serious to other kids, these Inquiring Greens may have a wry sense of humour and can often make others laugh with their witty remarks, albeit sometimes not without a little sarcasm thrown in for good measure.  An appealing class setting for these logical, objective kids includes one that meets their high expectations, especially the teacher! Being allowed to work independently, and on materials of their own choosing, excites these kids, although group work with classmates who can discuss the issues intelligently can be inspirational too. After school activities for these kids often includes exploring ideas and subjects of interest to them, perhaps alone, or with a small circle of close friends who enjoy the same things.

What about our Organized Golds? Getting back to routines, schedules and feeling a part of the school community makes them happy! They may be a little apprehensive though, if it means attending a new school and having to make new friends this year.  These kids usually respect their teachers, especially if there is a set of rules for them to follow and everyone is treated fairly. Their idea of a wonderful classroom experience will also include a teacher who not only is in control of the class but also provides clear directions to follow so that the Organized Golds can get their work done quickly and efficiently. They generally enjoy working in groups, if all members stay on task and complete their portions according to the rules. Organized Golds often create a pro-and-con list to logically and objectively make decisions. Once they do so, they may then create a list and set priorities to get everything done efficiently and on time, if not early. After school activities for the competitive Organized Golds may include team sports or school bands and they like coming home to their own neat, tidy room.

Finally, our Authentic Blues look forward to meeting up with their friends once again and catching up with everyone about their summer. They will worry about being put into a different class than their friends and certainly will not like any kind of conflict in the classroom, often choosing to uphold the underdog in any stand off.  They may in fact help mediate any issues just to “keep the peace.” The one thing they don’t particularly enjoy is competition; they don’t understand the necessity of winners and losers. What makes these artistic, non-conformists happiest in a classroom? First, they appreciate a teacher who is personable, inclusive and caring; secondly, a comfortable, warm, inviting, attractive environment where they can work in groups and socialize. If allowed to use their imagination and creativity they will work hard for their teacher and for their grades. These are the kids who don’t just look at the mark on the report card, but hang on every word the teachers say about them and their work. For the Authentic Blues after school activities must include people they enjoy being around; it may not be so much about what they do, but who is with them.


Kate&WayneKate and Wayne, authors of Great Parenting Skills for Navigating your Kid’s Personality are partners in life who enjoy collaborating on professional projects like writing books and running workshops! Kate Jones, B.A. (Psychology/English), M.Ed. is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, coach, and author, specializing in temperament, and now, in positivity.  She worked both in the educational and human resources sectors before launching her own business over a decade ago.  Wayne Jones, M.Ed. is an experienced educator, having taught students from kindergarten through secondary school, as well as adult education.  He has been a classroom teacher, department head, Principal, and a faculty advisor with Nipissing University. They can be reached through their website


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Personality Dimensions® – Meet the Master Trainers

The Personality Dimensions® Master Trainers have been a vital part of the work that goes into ongoing development of Personality Dimensions®.  As first in our series, we would like to introduce you to Kate Jones, M.Ed.  Kate was kind enough to share a little bit about herself, and her history with Personality Dimensions®:

“The very first time I had the privilege of teaching temperament theory in a corporate setting, a participant, whose primary colour was Organized Gold, marvelled at its accuracy with, “I am a textbook Gold!” She clasped my hand at the end to thank me for helping her understand herself and like what she discovered about her special attributes. As a facilitator whose primary colour is Authentic Blue can you imagine how that made me feel? I’ m enabling people, one at a time, to like whom they discover is at the core of their being, Since that day I have not lost this feeling that Personality Dimensions® allows me to bring meaning into people’s lives, to help them discover their strengths, whether they work in schools, not-for-profit companies or corporate Canada.

Then there are the parents whom I work with often. Those who come to my seminar usually have at least one child that they may not understand as well as they would like, or whom they want to parent the best way they know how. In one of my very first parent seminars I had a mom approach me with tears in her eyes, saying “You just saved my family from a lot of heartache; I thought there was something very wrong with my daughter and now I realise that she is just completely different from her father and I….and that’s ok”! Again, for an Authentic Blue, I know that delivering Personality Dimensions® to people in a variety of settings is my calling.

As a result of some of my volunteer activities over the years with the Oakville Community Foundation, the United Way, the Canadian Cancer Society and OAAPT,  for example, I have had opportunity to deliver a Personality Dimensions® seminar. As for other volunteer positions I’ve been privileged to contribute in places such as churches, Burlington Art Gallery, Bronte Advisory Committee, and UWC, where my understanding of temperament has helped me understand and appreciate the people with whom I have worked over the years.”

Degrees: M.Ed. (Teaching & Learning); Honours B.A. (English & Psychology)

Certificates: Training & Development, Level IV Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Specialist, Solution Focused Counsellor, Positive Psychology Specialist, Retire To The Life You Design Facilitator, 2 Young 2 Retire Facilitator, Relocation and Transition Specialist, True Colors Facilitator, FIRO-B Facilitator, MBTI Trainer, and Personality Dimensions Facilitator/Master Trainer

Aside from being a great supporter and frequently running seminars, Kate’s contributions to Personality Dimensions® include

Kate has also authored the book: Her Journey: Stories of Entrepreneurs

Kate can be reached through her website:, or on Twitter @KateJonesAssoc.

Personality Dimensions – A Family of Colours and Dimensions

A Family of Colours and Dimensions – Still Using the Tool Box.

girl-clipart-stick-figure-girls-clip-art-girls_three-newBack in October we re-published Wendy Sewell’s article: A Family of Colours and Dimensions.  Wendy talked about raising her two daughters who not only have different personalities from each-other, but also from her own.  After seeing her original article again, Wendy was inspired to share a follow up 10 years later.  Thank you Wendy!


My two daughters are now 23 and 21 and are both in university. My Inquiring Green is off in the Netherlands studying International Business Management in the Hague. My Authentic Blue is at Carleton University in Ottawa studying Psychology and Neuro Sciences and lives in my basement. Independent, but close, “to keep an eye on me”.  They are both happy and accomplished young women. They are doing what they love and enjoying the challenges they are facing.

I still think to myself that it could have been so different if they didn’t know anything about their respective personality types. I have been a single mother since my youngest daughter was one year old. I think that not having a partner to discuss child raising problems with made understanding personality all the more important to me. It was very easy to identify my Authentic Blue and my Inquiring Green daughters. Of course they are not a solid colour, as we are all a mix, but they do exemplify their strongest colour. They have been using this tool since childhood and they understand their reactions to things better than most.

I am surprised that I have made it this far, surviving two teenage girls thru puberty and we have emerged out and into their twenties with strong bonds that make my heart warm. When you can disarm a conflict with taking the personal aspect out of the fight, then the real communication can happen.  Throughout the years they have been able to lay their problems and feelings out on the table without fear of being judged. What a gift that is! Of course they are going to be much more open if they realize their feelings are validated and accepted.  I find it easy to point out to them the areas that they are special in and often compare my own Resourceful Orange to them. They know what my strengths and weaknesses are and they know I’m not perfect.

My oldest daughter still gets her Authentic Blue feelings hurt but she can rebound with amazing resilience. She is so empathetic and everyone’s ‘go to’ friend when they have problems. She is also fearless and will tackle any rollercoaster or parachute jump she can find.

My Inquiring Green daughter is still self-correcting and is proving very resourceful being far from home and helping hands. Her analytical talents are certainly helping her in her chosen education.  She is loving all the travelling in Europe and searching out answers to her endless questions.

The most incredible result is that they are best friends and lean on each other whenever they need it.

I want to really impress upon parents how much children can understand and use these concepts from a relatively young age.


By: Wendy Sewell, Personality Dimensions® Level I Trainer.

Personality Dimensions®: A Family of Colours and Dimensions

mother+daughters1Today’s post comes from the Personality Dimensions® archives, but is still as relevant as ever.  While the book the author mentions, Nurture by Nautre is no longer available, it was in part, the inspiration for Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality.  This article was first published in the Summer 2005 edition of Dimensionally Speaking.


My two daughters, ages 11 and 13, play cards on the floor.  I hear their laughing and listen with a half an ear to their discussion.  Suddenly the youngest collapses on the floor in a fit of giggles.  “Mom” she says, “You won’t believe it but Marloes is sad when she loses and even sadder for me when she wins!  She is so blue!”

I laugh as well but think to myself that it could have been so different if they didn’t know anything about their respective personality types.  This scene and many like them, would not have been possible if I had not entered the world of personality types eight years ago.  I became interested after conversations with Denise Hughes and soon took my training with Career/LifeSkills Resources.  At that time I also bought what I consider my motherhood bible – Nurture by Nature.  I have been a single mother since my youngest daughter was one year old.  I think that not having a partner to discuss child raising problems with made this book all the more important to me.  It was very easy to identify my Authentic Blue and my Inquiring Green daughters.  As the girls grew I would often explain to them that the fights they were having with each other were not always personal.  I explained that they each had very different needs and ways of looking at life.  This always seemed to take the sting out of any argument they were having at the time.  Over the years this has borne its own fruits and I often hear such comments as ‘I forgot to be clear in what I wanted and I know your green needs clear instructions.’  And ‘It means a lot to me that you thought to buy me this card, seeing how you are green and all.’

I have now gone on to train in Personality Dimensions® and it has opened yet more possibilities for discussion.  The whole area of introversion and extroversion had helped explain yet more sides of their natures.  Of course they are going to be much more open if they realize their feelings are validated and accepted.  I know this is when it will be important as my oldest approaches her teen years with a more solid knowledge of who she is.  She still gets her Authentic Blue feelings hurt but she can rebound with amazing resilience from these episodes.  She is also more easily forgiving of the other party with ‘They didn’t know I was Blue, Mom and couldn’t know that would hurt my feelings.’

My Inquiring Green daughter is way more self-correcting than all the nagging in the world could have accomplished. She realizes quite well what her needs are but also what is unrealistic to expect from her teachers and friends.

I want to really impress upon parents that this tool that we use for workshops and in our relationships with colleagues and friends is also a very strong tool for our families.  It does give me a very warm feeling when I hear them talking out a lot of their conflicts with less emotion and more understanding of what makes each of them tick . I am surprised how much understanding children have of these concepts from a relatively young age.  They took the tool out my hand and have run with it.


By: Wendy Sewell, Personality Dimensions® Level I Trainer.

Personality Dimensions at APTi

kate wayne linda katherine
Front: Linda Berens, Katherine Myers, Kate Jones Back: Wayne Jones

Authors of Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kids Personality, Kate and Wayne Jones are presenting at this year’s APTi (Association for Psychological Type International) conference in Miami, Florida.  While there, Kate and Wayne had the opportunity to meet with Lynda Berens and Katherine Myers.

Lynda Berens, PhD. is an author, researcher, and trainer who has greatly contributed to the world of Temperament theory.  Her book Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to Temperament along with her other work, played a large role in the development of Personality Dimensions®.

Katherine Myers is the daughter-in-law of MBTI co-creator Isabel Myers.  Mother daughter team Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers created the first assessment based on Carl Jung’s work on Personality Types; and created the popular four letter type code.  While Type and Temperament are historically different streams, (16 types vs 4 temperaments), Personality Dimensions® incorporates Introversion and Extraversion with Temperament theory.

Kate and Wayne will be presenting on Saturday, July 25th at 1:45pm.  – This interactive seminar is based on the authors’ book, Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality, which is a product of their popular parenting workshops. Today’s presentation will help increase type expertise for parents and those working with parents and/or kids. Participants will experience how the Personality Dimensions® model helps parents quickly identify their own temperaments and those of their offspring to understand and then relate to them in a positive strengths-based manner.

If you can’t make it to Miami, Kate and Wayne can deliver this workshop at your location.  They can be reached through their website

Personality Dimensions – More discounts for Certified Trainers

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Personality Dimensions – Great Parenting Skills

Authors Kate Jones & Wayne Jones stopped by the office to sign copies of their new book Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kids Personality

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Personality Dimensions – New Book

CLS-422550Now available for pre-order!

Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

By Kate Jones, M.Ed & Wayne Jones, M.Ed

Do you sometimes wonder if your child is trying to drive you crazy? Or do you sometimes ask the question, “Why can’t they be more like me?”

Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality (GPS)  is the product of the authors’ parenting workshops on the four temperaments/colours that help parents understand better “what makes our kid tick.”  The book acts as a Roadmap (…or GPS!)  that provides effective parenting techniques geared to your child’s specific and natural way of behaving, while promoting positive self-esteem.  It supports the notion that every child has great potential ready to be unlocked.

Based on the theory behind Personality Dimensions®, GPS  is fun, easy-to-read and filled with real-life stories and anecdotes to help you identify what each temperament wants and what gets in the way.  This book provides practical strategies for raising children in a positive environment that enhances your kid’s specific nature.  – “Yummy” or “Yucky”  – Ready! Set! Start Your Engines! – Destination: Disney – GPS For Your Parenting Journey Preferences – GPS for Your Children’s Journey – GPS for “Bumps” Along The Way – GPS for Positive Communication on Your Journey – GPS For Introverts & Extraverts on Your Journey – GPS for Creating Positive Home Learning Environments – The Final GPS Coordinates Are Yours!

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