Personality Dimensions Pandemic Pastimes – PD in the Wild

People around the word have had to adjust to a new reality over the last 16 months or so, and make the best of what we are able to do. Next up in our series of Personality Dimensions® Pandemic Pastimes with Master Trainers is Angela Shik. Angela is the director of Dr. Motivate, the Personality Dimensions® distributor in Hong Kong and Macau SAR, People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan. Angela checked in with us after completing her first PD in the workshop…

As we are rearranging our lives around COVID-19, we are experimenting with new ways to keep our training alive, while maintaining social distance. More importantly, we would like to bring positive energy to our clients through the Personality Dimensions® training program. We hope people could take their minds off the stress related to COVID-19 in the few hours they are learning about Personality Dimensions® and enjoying the outdoors.

Although we have been conducting Personality Dimensions® training for many years, we have never delivered a PD workshop in the wild outdoors. Therefore, we consulted Plain Hiker, a company which specializes in designing trail journeys to meet different learning goals.

After detailed planning and route testing, we finally conducted our first PD in the Wild at Tung Chung on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. We had 12 participants and to minimize social contact associated with the distribution of assessment materials, we asked them to complete PD-Online prior to the outdoor workshop. This not only saved us from having to carry all the assessment materials to the outdoor site, it also allowed the participants to complete the assessment in a location of their choice.

In terms of activities, we designed them with social distancing in mind. For brightening, we modified the Survivor Challenge from the Team Building Toolkit by asking each brightened group to find 10 essential items for their survival on the island. For blending, we developed a Campfire activity, and asked blended groups to start their own campfire with the materials provided. We then finished the day with Circle of Self.

We did not have a computer and screen to go through the PowerPoint presentation in the outdoor setting, but we used the PD for Youth pamphlet as a guide to go through the core needs, characteristics, likes, skills, strengths and potential weakness. We also decided to just give out the score sheet from the online report on the day of the event, and send out the soft copy of the full profile report after the event has been completed.

Overall, we had a lot of fun, and the feedback was positive for PD in the Wild! I think using PD-Online is a good way to minimize contact, and holding activities in the outdoors is a great way for our participants to get a breath of fresh air. We still have a lot of improvements to make for PD in the Wild, but I think we are off to a great outdoors start!

Angela W. Y. Shik is a Personality Dimensions Master Trainer. She is the Director of Dr Motivate, the Distributor or Personality Dimensions® training materials and programs in Hong Kong and Macau SAR, People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan.

All three cofounders of Plain Hiker, Judy Chen, Heyman Chan, and Ferdinand Tsang are certified Personality Dimensions® Level 1 Facilitators

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from all of us at CLSR and Personality Dimensions. 2020 has been a challenging year, and we would like to thank everyone that has stuck through it with us. We look forward to working with you again in 2021 with a new set of challenges and successes. In the meantime, wishing you and your family a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season.

Our office will be closed from December 23rd, 20202 until January 4th, 2021.

~The CLSR & Personality Dimensions Team

Professional Development for Personality Dimensions Trainers

A few months ago I was catching up with Sandra Summerhayes and she mentioned that she had just finished a great Personality Dimensions… online! At that point we had been kept very busy answering some often frantic “how do ” calls from Personality Dimensions facilitators. Sandra mentioned that she was thinking about putting something together to help facilitators take their training online, and asked when we thought she should start offering it. My immediate thought was “yesterday!” Because this workshop is designed to address the very issue we had been getting calls about, I thought I’d share this information.

Since then, Sandra has offered this workshop many times to sold-out audiences. I just checked with her to see how registration for the September Delivering PD in the Virtual World workshop is going and was surprised to learn that there are still a small handful of spaces available.

As John Maxwell once said ‘Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.’ As Personality Dimensions facilitators adapting to the new normal, (whatever that’s going to become) this growth opportunity lies in taking the original Personality Dimensions content and adapting it to an ever-evolving virtual landscape. The content remains the same, the delivery method is changing.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this growth opportunity visit

Yours, from the back office…

Denise Hughes is the Director and owner of 

Denise Headshot

CLSR Inc. and general editor of Personality Dimensions® materials and products. She just noticed the calendar and realized it is just past the 44th anniversary of her introduction to career and type and temperament materials. Those experiences and the expertise she gained through her years with the Guidance Centre, University of Toronto, and now with CLSR, continue to shape the direction that both CLSR and Personality Dimensions® take.

Personality Dimensions® – Happy Holidays

Processed with VSCO with q1 presetDo you remember that old ‘blessing’ – “May you live in interesting times?” Well, 2018 has been “interesting” indeed, but in a good way!

In January we went to CANNEXUS – it really is an essential place to catch up with many of our colleagues, friends and clients, despite the winter weather that Ottawa can throw at you. So many people dropped by our booth, renewing acquaintances or introducing themselves, and from all parts of this great nation, that it was both an exhausting and exhilarating experience. Events such as CANNEXUS often provide the genesis of new ideas for ways we can better serve our clients and this one was no exception. We look forward to seeing everyone again at CANNEXUS 2019 this January.

A good part of this year has been spent creating new online versions of Personality Dimensions® and we launched PD Basics (the lower literacy version of Personality Dimensions®) Online in the late spring. Immediately we swung into developing a PD for Youth Online assessment and report which is currently in the final stages of beta testing. PD for Youth Online material, along with the PD for Youth Foundations Facilitator Guide and PowerPoint, by Emil Boychuk, will be available early in 2019.

Another new initiative that we are working on is creating a Personality Dimensions® “Ambassador” program. The first of these, under the Ambassadorship of Jane Harnadek, is the Conversations in Colour event scheduled for April 26, 2019. These short learning and networking events will set the standard for opportunities to learn more about specific applications from coast to coast – and beyond – once we figure out the intricacies of recording and broadcasting.

We have also been working with the publisher of the COPSystem to provide online access to this incredibly powerful suite of tools, complete with Canadian NOC codes. This new system is now available and the initial response to it has been both very encouraging and exciting.

Our 2019 catalogue, which is going to press as I write this, will feature new assessments and videos from JIST Career Solutions. Many of you will recognize them immediately for their very well-known and respected instruments such as the BESI, the RESI and the CEI and CEI-EZ to name but a few.

As you may know, I am particularly keen on supporting good quality resources from Canadian sources and the materials from the Winnipeg Transition Centre are no exception. In fact, very shortly into 2019 we will be adding 3 new workbooks to our offerings. These are great, “where the rubber hits the road” workbooks that clients can work with independently or in groups to supplement or reinforce their work with career development professional.

In addition to attending selected conferences, like CANNEXUS and Perspectives, CLSR is also committed to supporting opportunities for professional growth. To that end we work closely with several organizations to support their work, including the CDPCBO (Career Development Professionals Certification Board of Ontario) and we had the pleasure of once again attending their AGM/Professional Development event this past Fall.

You know, when I sat down at this computer and stared at the blank screen I had no idea what I was going to write, now I’m lapsing dangerously into “putting the reader to sleep” territory so I’ll cut it short with this.

barefoot2Each of us at CLSR is proud to support local community initiatives so, in place of sending Holiday greeting cards we have made a contribution to the local Salvation Army for their work in our community. As well, our small staff of 5 people has collected over 150 pairs of socks to be distributed to homeless individuals in Aurora/Newmarket by Inn from the Cold as well as 40+ hats/scarves and mittens. It is important to us to be available to help others.

Our wish for you at this Christmas time is that your heart and home will be richly blessed with love, joy and lasting happiness this joyful season and throughout 2019.

Yours, from the back office …

Denise Hughes is the Director and owner of Denise HeadshotCLSR Inc. and general editor of Personality Dimensions® materials and products. She just noticed the calendar and realized it is just past the 44th anniversary of her introduction to career and type and temperament materials. Those experiences and the expertise she gained through her years with the Guidance Centre, University of Toronto, and now with CLSR, continue to shape the direction that both Career/LifeSkills Resources and Personality Dimensions® take.

Personality Dimensions – Visit us at CSTD!

Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc. publisher of Personality Dimensions® is a proud supporter of the Canadian Society for Training and Development and we’re excited to be a part of the 2014 Conference and Trade Show.

We would like to invite you to visit us at booth # 204 at the CSTD Tradeshow. The Trade Show is open Thursday November 13th from 10am-6pm and Friday November 14th from 9:30am-1:30pm and is free to attend!  Online registration is now closed, but you can still register at the door for free!

We will be debuting Sales Dimensions™ at the show, and will have special pricing on select Personality Dimensions® products!

Looking forward to seeing you there!