Introverts and Extraverts Come in the Same Four Delicious Varieties

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A couple of months ago I promised to follow up the blog on Introverts with its flip side on Extraverts.  It was a refreshing dip back into the “Splash” pool (a mere 10 years after the release of my first book, Splash, An Introvert’s Guide to Being Seen, Heard and Remembered).  And within it, a big shout out to Personality Dimensions®, and its fabulous feature of acknowledging and exploring the expressions and experiences of those with preferences for Introversion and Extraversion within each of the four temperaments.

I’m going to start this offering with a refresh on the general differences between Introverts and Extraverts, and then dig in a little deeper for Extraversion within each Personality Dimensions® colour.

NB:  I am shamelessly borrowing and building on excellent content from the soon-to-be-released-and available-for-your-use Personality Dimensions® Wellness Report.

Tend to think inside their heads, and not express an idea until it is “fully cooked”Tend to think out loud and express ideas as they come to them
Learn and problem solve best when they have the time for quiet reflectionLearn and problem solve best when they have the opportunity to interact with others
Are seen as quiet and calmAre seen as outgoing
Generally operate at a moderate, calm paceLike to be active and move at a fast pace
Have an intimate circle of those they call true friendsHave a broad circle of people they call friends
Think first, then talk, then think some moreTalk first, then think, then talk some more

So now let’s focus in on the Extraverts’ side of things and look at how they tend to show up within each colour …

The Resourceful Orange Extravert:

It’s all about FREEDOM! These folks are most at home in the concrete world; with things that can be seen, touched and used.  They have keen senses, love working with their hands, are born for action, and for making free, spontaneous manoeuvres that get quick, effective results.  They have a natural talent for the arts, are comfortable with risk, and often have “action/doing” type careers such as salespeople, paramedics, pilots, craftsmen.  Life is to be enjoyed!

Core Psychological Needs:  Freedom to act on the needs of the moment, the ability to make an impact now, to have control over how they operate.

Strengths: Seeing and seizing an opportunity, reading people and situations, adapting to the circumstances, persuasive, managing a crisis, creating options and solutions.

Stressors:  Rigidly enforced rules, routine and boredom, negativity, not being in control, no fun.

People who misunderstand me might say I’m:  rebellious, rambunctious, class clown, careless, no follow-through, risk taker, can’t sit still.

The Inquiring Green Extravert

It’s all about COMPETENCE! This gang gives much importance to intellect and proficiency.  They thirst for knowledge, and seek to know the foundations and principles behind why things are as they are and how things work.  They work tirelessly, and pride themselves on the ingenuity they bring to their work.  They have high standards for themselves and others. They are the engineers, the professors, the scientists, the mechanics and the systems people.

Core Psychological Needs:  Knowledge and competence, mastery, to be seen as an expert in their field.

Talents:  Logical reasoning, systematizing, inventing, envisioning multiple possible scenarios, abstract thought, long-term thinking, solving complex problems.

Stressors:  Powerlessness, incompetence, redundancy, mindless chit chat, rigid routine environments.

People who misunderstand me might stay I’m:  sceptical, arrogant, need to be right, insensitive, impatient, without social EQ.

The Authentic Blue Extravert

It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS! These individuals are passionate about personal growth, and nurturing harmonious relationships.  They believe that life is full of unknown possibilities and untapped potentials.  Highly ethical in their actions, they hold themselves to a strict standard of personal integrity.  They are filled with kindness; and they cherish warm intimate friendships.  They gravitate to jobs such as counsellors, teachers, ministers and advocates.

Core Psychological Needs:  Self-actualization, finding meaning and significance, unique identity.

Talents:  Empathy, seeing and developing potential in others, generating possibilities, identifying ethical issues, advocating for causes or others, diplomacy, communication, creating harmony.

Stressors:  Conflict, insincerity, betrayal, lack of integrity, no room for innovation, inauthentic behaviour, unfairness, superficiality, intense competition.

People who misunderstand me might stay I’m:  too soft, overly sensitive, overly helpful, not focussed enough on task, emotional.

The Organized Gold Extravert

It’s all about SECURITY and belonging! These are sensible, down-to-earth people who excel at precision and attention to detail.  They believe in following the rules and cooperating with authorities.  They are careful about schedules, cautious about change, and take pride in being trustworthy, hardworking and reliable.  You’ll often find them in nursing, teaching, accounting, management, administration and police work. They are comfortable and competent in leadership roles.

Core Psychological Needs:  Responsibility, duty, sense of belonging, caring for others.

Talents:  Supervising and monitoring, providing for others’ needs, warning of danger, developing policy and procedures, maintaining and passing on traditions, making decisions.

Stressors:  Disorganization, lack of discipline, abrupt change in plan, irresponsibility, people who are not prepared, tardiness, lack of adherence to rules.

People who misunderstand me might stay I’m:  too rigid, judgmental, inflexible, all work no play, critical, pessimistic, demanding.

The Good News, Once Again

The good news is that, as different as Introverts and Extraverts are, they both come in the same four varieties.  So they share many behavioural similarities! 

For me, the recognition that “it’s not personal, it’s personality” has provided freedom, acceptance, understanding and effectiveness to my dealing with people; professionally and personally.  I hope this awareness does the same for you.

Carole 60

Carole Cameron is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, coach and author with over 25 years’ experience helping organizations, individuals and teams maximize their personal and professional effectiveness.  Carole is recognized for creating powerful and memorable learning experiences, and for making more than a little room for humour and fun.

Look for an all new 2nd edition of Splash, An Introvert’s Guide to Being Seen, Heard and Remembered coming later this year in print and Kindle versions.

Also coming in September 2020: the Personality Dimensions® Wellness Report empowers each of the four colours to improve their well being through six wellness factors. All Certified Personality Dimensions® will be able to access this new report in your account.

Personality Dimensions® Statistics

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We ask that every time you conduct an Introductory or Application Session, even if you had your clients take the assessment online, that you keep track of your participants’ Primary Colour Preference, and Introversion/Extraversion preference.  You can find a form on the USB included with your Building Blocks/Manual to do this.  Statistics can then be faxed to 905-760-0113, or emailed to  You can also submit your statistics through the web at:

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