Personality Dimensions® – I don’t have any Inquiring Greens… Help!

Phantom Groups CoverPicture this, you are fresh off of three jam-packed days of Personality Dimensions® Level 1 training, and you are getting ready to present to your first group.  You have everything you need; PowerPoint Presentation®, Participant Packs, table cloths in the four colours, and you even found colour-coordinated candies to put on all the tables.

Everyone is finished their assessments and you ask the group to rearrange themselves into like-colourd groups to get ready for the first exercise.  You look at the groups… six Organized Golds, four Resourceful Oranges, ten Authentic Blues, and zero Inquiring Greens… You think to yourself “no Inquiring Greens, now what am I supposed to do?  I’m an Organized Gold, and Inquiring Green is my absolute LAST colour!”  Then you remember that you have a copy of Phantom Groups: Virtual Flip-Charts for Personality Dimensions Brightened Groups.  When it comes time to debrief the Inquiring Green responses, you open the PowerPoint® and share how actual Inquiring Greens responded.  Presentation saved!

The flip-charts selected to appear in Phantom Groups are reproductions of actual flip-charts created by Personality Dimensions® groups over an eight year period. They are typical representations, not tailored to any special groups, just as you would expect to be generated at an introductory workshop. The contents are an accurate reproduction of what each group contributed, using computer graphics to make them easier to read. There are five flip-charts for each colour group so you can show multiple examples.

While supplies last, or until the accountant finds out, we are offering the remaining stock of Phantom Groups on CD for 40% off!  You can still get it on USB if you don’t have a CD drive, but I can only get away with offering the USB version at 25% off for the rest of until April 13th, just use coupon code “phantomgroups” when checking out.

*Sale pricing cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.  Valid on orders placed with Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc. only.  Must be a Certified Personality Dimensions Trainer to purchase.

4 thoughts on “Personality Dimensions® – I don’t have any Inquiring Greens… Help!

  1. Seems an awful lot like True Colors. How will you defend yourself from legal action?

    CEO Cook Capital Group LLC


    1. Your question regarding the differences between True Colors and Personality Dimensions does come up periodically, although not so much now as Personality Dimensions has been around so long now.

      Personality Dimensions is the culmination of years of listening, and trying to respond to, the requests of facilitators for more culturally diverse materials.

      One of the primary concerns of many Canadian facilitators at the time was the lack of validation of other colour-based temperament models. After an extensive review of all the literature surrounding temperament theory throughout the centuries we were unable to find any such validation work. We therefore undertook a study which yielded solid empirical data.

      Personality Dimensions was researched, developed and designed with the invaluable assistance of a core group of people who were part of the 100+ focus groups. It builds upon the foundations established in the works of Don Lowry as well as David Keirsey, Linda Berens, Katharine Cook Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers, just as Don Lowry built upon the works of Keirsey in developing True Colors. Personality Dimensions represents the next step in the evolution of presenting temperament/personality theory. In addition, Personality Dimensions recognizes the importance of incorporating preference for Introversion or Extraversion into our understanding of self and others and the important role that preference plays in all our communications and life choices.

      Personality Dimensions is a self-discovery instrument designed to recognize strengths and appreciate differences — and provide the most accurate results possible. It is delivered in a format that recognizes and addresses a variety of learning styles. It is lively, and highly interactive, with graphics that are more universally appealing to adult populations from most cultural backgrounds in corporate as well as private settings. The objective is not just to learn about individual differences, but to build respect and actually improve interpersonal relations by having participants apply the information they learn in their everyday lives.

      I do hope that this provides you with the clarification that you seek.

      Onward and upward ~

      Denise Hughes
      Director, CLSR Inc.


  2. To whom it may concern, I would like to register as a trainer for Personality Dimension. How do I go about it? Thanks.

    Cecilia Grade 2 teacher, DPCDSB

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