Personality Dimensions® – No Hot Pets Pledge

MollyIf anyone has visited us at the Career/LifeSkills office in Aurora, you may have met our unofficial mascot, Molly.  She convinced us to take the #NoHotPets pledge, and invite anyone who brings their furry friends along to pickup their order, to please bring them inside.  Molly is an Authentic Blue (with a high secondary Organized Gold – don’t mess with her schedule!) and cares deeply about her fellow furry creatures in this weather.

no hot pets


2 thoughts on “Personality Dimensions® – No Hot Pets Pledge

  1. Delightful!

    CASL compliance statement: if you do not wish to receive emails from me please let me know, otherwise I will assume from this day forward that I have your expressed consent to send/forward emails to you. Thank you.



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