Personality Dimensions® Statistics

PD Stats Robot (Patent Still Pending)

It’s that time of year again when the PD Stats Robot (patent still pending) finally gets to take a short rest after crunching a year’s worth of Personality Dimensions® workshop statistics.  The PD Stats Robot and the rest of the staff at Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc.would like to thank all of the Certified Trainers who took the time to send in their workshop statistics over the past year.  Collecting workshop statistics allows us to do further research on the reliability and validity of Personality Dimensions®.  If you look at the Primary Colour Breakdowns over the past 12 years, you will notice very little change with them over time.  Full statistics for the Canadian market, including this year’s are published every year in July and are posted at:

Collecting workshop statistics also helps us in creating new products.  For example, the job categories found in Career Dimensions™ were taken directly from the statistics reported to us by Certified Trainers. Your statistics also helped us in developing PD for Youth™.

We ask that every time you conduct an Introductory or Application Session that your keep track of your participants’ Primary Colour Preference, and Introversion/Extraversion preference.  You can find a form on the disk included with your Building Blocks/Manual to do this.  Statistics can then be faxed in to 905-760-0113, or emailed to  You can also submit your statistics through the web at:

Once received at our office, our PD Stats Robot (patent still pending) diligently processes and categorizes every number and colour submitted!  Also remember to submit your statistics even if you are administering Personality Dimensions® Online.  Remember that the assessment component isn’t the final word on an individual’s primary colour, especially if scores are close; clarification also comes from the Brightening Group exercises in a workshop.

Personality Dimensions® – No Hot Pets Pledge

MollyIf anyone has visited us at the Career/LifeSkills office in Aurora, you may have met our unofficial mascot, Molly.  She convinced us to take the #NoHotPets pledge, and invite anyone who brings their furry friends along to pickup their order, to please bring them inside.  Molly is an Authentic Blue (with a high secondary Organized Gold – don’t mess with her schedule!) and cares deeply about her fellow furry creatures in this weather.

no hot pets