Personality Dimensions® – Top 10 Traits of Introverts

Introvert MonthIntroversion was once a topic that many felt uncomfortable speaking about. Now, we see many publications which outline the psychological principles of Introversion, and the strengths that Introverts provide within the worlds of business, parenting, and relationship building. Remember Introversion isn’t about how shy you are, it’s about where you get your energy! The following top 10 traits outline some key information, which can help provide validation for Introverts and those who care about them.


10) Introverts often run internal dialogues to themselves.

9) Introverts often feel a strange sense of duality: They feel like they’re missing out, but want to be a part of things at the same time.

8) Introverts aren’t “anti-social” they’re “anti-draining”.

7) Introverts make up approximately 50% of the world’s population.

6) Introverts find “downtime” re-energizing.

5) Introverts find traditional networking draining and difficult.

4) Introverts find new situations and parties exhausting.

3) Introverts are generally very observant.

2) Introverts are generally great listeners.

1) Introverts generally dislike “small talk”.


NancyNancy Tavares-Jones, MC, RP, CCC is a registered psychotherapist in Toronto, Ontario.  She has a thriving private practice, and is an on-site trauma responder for organizations needing immediate on-site support.  She is a self-proclaimed “personality type geek”, and loves to help people learn more about themselves and others.  Feel free to visit and connect with her at

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