Personality Dimensions® – Tech Support’s Top Ten

tech-contact-support-ss-1920PD-Online™ has been growing in popularity ever since it was first launched in 2007.  Trainers love the flexibility it allows them with different report options, and the time savings it creates in a workshop.  The addition of Retirement Dimensions™ and Career Dimensions™ gives Personality Dimensions® Certified Trainers even more options for working with clients.  These popular assessments are available on  We’ve aimed to make the process of delivering Personality Dimensions® online as seamless as possible, but occasionally we all run into roadblocks we just can’t figure out; that’s why we have our resident tech support expert, Angie.  Angie has put together her list of the top 10 tech support questions she receives to help guide Personality Dimensions® trainers through the administration process.

Tech Support’s Top Ten

  1. How do I add a user/participant? There are 4 ways to add a participant. Note that an email address is required to add a user.
    • Individually via the Add a User button located at the bottom-middle of the Main Facilitator Control Page
    • Via CSV Upload tool located at the bottom-left of the Main Facilitator Control Page
    • Via the Client Management Key set up on your website, allowing users to register themselves to your facilitator account
    • Lab Link, which is similar to the Client Management Key, also allows for offline registration


  1. Where can I find a report? There are two ways to access reports.
    • Via the report icon (white rectangle with a green arrow) at the end of the participant’s name listed on the Main Facilitator Control Page. This will bring you to the user’s contact information page. Click on the same icon within this page to access the report
    • The “View Reports” button located on the left side of the Main Facilitator Control Page


  1. Why can’t the report be sent directly to the assessment taker?
    • Reports cannot be emailed directly to the participant as our assessments follow the standards set by the CPA and APA. The report must be sent to the facilitator as they are certified to interpret the report’s results


  1. I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is?
    • Tech Support doesn’t have a master list of passwords. Passwords can be reset via the “Forgot Password?” button just above the login fields on our website


  1. How long does it take for the assessment results/report to be available?
    • The assessment report is usually available minutes after the assessment has been completed. The system will send an email advising the facilitator when the report is ready


  1. How long are reports kept?
    • Reports are retained for 180 days before they are purged from the system. We suggest that facilitator’s save a copy of each report should they require it for future use


  1. What’s the difference between the PD Profile report and the PD Professional report?
    • The main difference is how detailed the report is


  1. The system won’t let the assessment taker proceed?
    • This normally occurs when all questions have not been answered. Check to see that all questions have been answered


  1. I tried to register myself, but the system won’t accept it, why?
    • Typically, it’s because your email address is already registered in our system. We use the email address as the unique identifier.


  1. Why do all the options show up on the Personality Dimensions® report, when all cards were not selected for the assessment?
    • The report layout is consistent for all PD assessments. If some (or all) cards are not included in the assessment, the report will show ‘0’ for that card rather than ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, or ‘4’


If you aren’t using PD-Online™ yet, and would like to give it a try for yourself, send us an email and we will set you up with your own CLSRAssessments account.  If you are already using your account, and run into any problems, you can always click on the “Help” button from your account, or email resident tech support expert Angie at

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