Personality Dimensions – A Family of Colours and Dimensions

A Family of Colours and Dimensions – Still Using the Tool Box.

girl-clipart-stick-figure-girls-clip-art-girls_three-newBack in October we re-published Wendy Sewell’s article: A Family of Colours and Dimensions.  Wendy talked about raising her two daughters who not only have different personalities from each-other, but also from her own.  After seeing her original article again, Wendy was inspired to share a follow up 10 years later.  Thank you Wendy!


My two daughters are now 23 and 21 and are both in university. My Inquiring Green is off in the Netherlands studying International Business Management in the Hague. My Authentic Blue is at Carleton University in Ottawa studying Psychology and Neuro Sciences and lives in my basement. Independent, but close, “to keep an eye on me”.  They are both happy and accomplished young women. They are doing what they love and enjoying the challenges they are facing.

I still think to myself that it could have been so different if they didn’t know anything about their respective personality types. I have been a single mother since my youngest daughter was one year old. I think that not having a partner to discuss child raising problems with made understanding personality all the more important to me. It was very easy to identify my Authentic Blue and my Inquiring Green daughters. Of course they are not a solid colour, as we are all a mix, but they do exemplify their strongest colour. They have been using this tool since childhood and they understand their reactions to things better than most.

I am surprised that I have made it this far, surviving two teenage girls thru puberty and we have emerged out and into their twenties with strong bonds that make my heart warm. When you can disarm a conflict with taking the personal aspect out of the fight, then the real communication can happen.  Throughout the years they have been able to lay their problems and feelings out on the table without fear of being judged. What a gift that is! Of course they are going to be much more open if they realize their feelings are validated and accepted.  I find it easy to point out to them the areas that they are special in and often compare my own Resourceful Orange to them. They know what my strengths and weaknesses are and they know I’m not perfect.

My oldest daughter still gets her Authentic Blue feelings hurt but she can rebound with amazing resilience. She is so empathetic and everyone’s ‘go to’ friend when they have problems. She is also fearless and will tackle any rollercoaster or parachute jump she can find.

My Inquiring Green daughter is still self-correcting and is proving very resourceful being far from home and helping hands. Her analytical talents are certainly helping her in her chosen education.  She is loving all the travelling in Europe and searching out answers to her endless questions.

The most incredible result is that they are best friends and lean on each other whenever they need it.

I want to really impress upon parents how much children can understand and use these concepts from a relatively young age.


By: Wendy Sewell, Personality Dimensions® Level I Trainer.

3 thoughts on “Personality Dimensions – A Family of Colours and Dimensions

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I remember your first article well from 10 years ago. I was so impressed with how you were using the tool with your daughters. I believe I sent kudos at the time.
    I am soooooo glad to see this new article. It was such a joy to read. How wonderful to see how well you and your girls have done over the years by continuing to use PD in your lives. What a testament! Thank you soooo much for sharing this with us all. (Next step: bring potential spouse into the PD fold 😉 )


  2. Wendy this is a fabulous story of hope for so many parents back where you were 10 years ago. I am now a grandparent and see the rainbow of colours shining brightly in them all. I’d love to have your first story published again so all of the PD family who didn’t have a chance to read it could do so. Thanks for sharing your little family with your larger PD family.


  3. Dear Wendy, Thank you for sharing your experiences. Interestingly, I am living near the Hague and have spoken at THU, but not yet on Personality Dimensions. 😉
    In terms of parenting, I’m still learning to understand my 6 1/2 year old’s interesting plaid. Having read your article I’m inspired to keep at it.


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