Personality Dimensions® – Musings from the Back Office

team-coach-clipart-3We often get inquiries from people who have been introduced to Personality Dimensions® for the first time and want to make it available in another language or to another country and culture. That is how, for example, the Chinese and Spanish materials have and are being developed. But it’s a much longer process than having the English materials translated, which surprises the would-be translator. In fact, the straight translation is the easiest, and least-costly part of the process. We insist that once the materials are translated they are tested with a variety of individuals to make sure that what has been done is appropriate to that culture. Direct translation  is only one part of the equation; where the final materials will make the most impact is when they are culturally appropriate and easily understood across the spectrum of peoples who speak that language.


This translation process is a natural outgrowth of the development process that we use for all Personality Dimensions® materials. Most of the original materials were written by one author, Lynda McKim, but each was tried, tested and evaluated individually and in focus groups by professional temperament and type facilitators across the country. The recommendations that came out of each of these evaluations, and we had a filing cabinet full of them, resulted in second, third and fourth revisions of the original materials. These revisions were then further evaluated by Personality Dimensions® Master Trainers and used in groups to ensure that the revisions “worked.” The result was that Personality Dimensions® materials are not simply the thoughts of one author but, rather, are shaped and evolved through the collaborative approach of everyone involved. This process continues today for every component that is developed. Playing a part in that process has shown me the value that everyone, and every temperament, makes to the whole. Considering my strong Inquiring Green preference that came as a real revelation; I distinctly remember cringing at the thought of group work back in my school days.

We are all different! Personality Dimensions® workshops remind us of that every single time, no matter how many you’ve lead or been part of. The power of PD is that it allows us to acknowledge who we are and how we are most comfortable and then helps us to see the differences in each of us and learn from them, instead of dismissing or diminishing them. As one person put it, “Personality Dimensions® helps people think and live outside of their own box.” I think you’ll agree.


Yours from the rainbow that begins with Inquiring Green


Denise Hughes is the Director and owner of Denise HeadshotCareer/LifeSkills Resources Inc. and general editor of Personality Dimensions® materials and products. She just noticed the calendar and realized it is just past the 41st anniversary of her introduction to career and type and temperament materials. Those experiences and the expertise she gained through her years with the Guidance Centre, University of Toronto, and now with CLSR, continue to shape the direction that both Career/LifeSkills Resources and Personality Dimensions® take.

One thought on “Personality Dimensions® – Musings from the Back Office

  1. Denise, I like the quote at the end about “thinking outside of our own box”. After over a decade of teaching and practicing PD on a daily basis I still catch myself wondering why someone is acting so strangely only to realize that they are simply a different colour in the 4-colour rainbow. That forces me to “see from inside their box” to understand just a little more clearly why this strange behaviour on their part really isn’t strange at all to them.


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