Personality Dimensions® Holiday Shopping for the Four Colours


holiday shoppingI know there are some of you who have not yet completed your shopping, and may be completely stumped about what to give your loved ones.  Here’s some great advice – make it all about them!  Really watching and listening to the person you are buying for and making the gift something that is meaningful for them.  We tend to choose gifts that we think may be meaningful to others – hence the new tradition of ‘re-gifting’.  Each of the four Personality Dimensions® have preferences. Check out the FUN tips below for giving the right gift.

Our very knowledgeable Inquiring Greens will love any gift that furthers their knowledge and competence. Inquiring Greens are not into possessions or ‘things’.  Avoid fluffy slippers, kitschy Christmas sweaters and gaudy jewelry.  Knick-knacks will find themselves in the next garage sale.  Inquiring Greens have a unique sense of humour, so tickets to a comedy show would work, as would a trip to an interesting place with lots of history.  A magazine subscription to something that interests them is also a great option. Avoid packaging; it’s likely that our Inquiring Greens are totally serious about going ‘Green’.  They love ideas and concepts, a trip to the museum, or other place they have been talking about all year would be most welcome.

The core need for our Organized Golds is belonging, tradition and responsibility.  Think about practicality and how the gift will help Organized Golds carry out their responsibilities or honour a family tradition.  Do not be extravagant and ensure that the gift is of high quality they love trusted brand names.  Some gift ideas – a planner for the New Year, a new briefcase to replace the old worn one, a label maker – Organized Golds love their label makers, or an alarm clock to ensure that they are always on time. Organized Golds will appreciate that you put some thought behind the gift.  As long as you are happy they are happy.

Woo Hoo! Resourceful Oranges are motivated by freedom and impact… Don’t fence me in!  Just like Tigger – Resourceful Oranges bounce; they are all about the senses.  Think about gifts that relate to the senses, perfume, music, art work, fine wine or chocolate, a soft sweater.  Resourceful Oranges also like variety and fun, so look for something they can use in their leisure time.  Plan a spa day and go with them – make sure there is lots of variety and choice.  How about an adventure weekend like white water rafting or horseback riding?  Even if you get it wrong, Resourceful Oranges won’t care, they get over it easily – they’ll just bounce back.

Meaning and Significance – that’s the key to an Authentic Blue’s heart.  Authentic Blues have a core need for unique identity, meaning and significance.  Their talents are as caregivers, facilitators and mentors. They value harmony and cooperation.  Authentic Blues will not really care about material things.  You will really impress Authentic Blues if you wrote a poem about them, or knit something special for them (even if it does look a bit wonky).  They are often found in the Self Help section of the book store – careful though – they may already have all of them!  Try a wall plaque that has a motivational saying, or a day out that pampers them, Authentic Blues so often are caring for others.  No matter what you give an Authentic Blue, it will be treasured and appreciated.  They are relationship centred; any gift that treasures your relationship with them will be welcomed.


Irene-AndersonIrene Anderson – CTACC, has brought Personality Dimensions® programs to many teams and individuals. Irene has shared her expertise through consulting, training, speaking and in print.  With her combination of coaching and results-driven facilitating, she has helped executives, managers and entrepreneurs to better success in business and career. Irene has also shared her unique talents with not-for-profit groups, as a volunteer, facilitator and speaker. Irene’s style of facilitation is results oriented, with a focus directly on the client, using a unique Self Discovery process, and a commitment to ensure that all personalities are honoured. Irene is truly dedicated to the success of her clients, and as a career coach has a unique knack for uncovering the talents and strengths of the client, and moving them toward that ‘AHA’ moment when they really begin to embrace who they are meant to be.

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