Personality Dimensions for Youth

PD for Youth

Now available from Personality Dimensions®: PD for Youth™.  Based on the popular PD@School™ site licence, PD for Youth™ is designed to be used with students in grade 7 – 12, and can be purchased by any qualified Personality Dimensions® trainer.  The components are the same as the standard version; however the content has been tailored to suit the needs of students.

To administer PD for Youth™ with your students/clients you will need 1 set of Picture Cards for each (reusable), 1 set of PD@School™ Cards for each (reusable), and 1 Participant Pack™ (consumable) for each.  The available PowerPoint presentation follows the narrative of the Building Blocks™, however the content and language has been modified for students.  Read more about the individual products at:

For trainers in Australia and Hong Kong, please contact your local distributor for pricing and availability.

3 thoughts on “Personality Dimensions for Youth

  1. These materials were put together to support those of you who work with youth outside of the school — groups such as Girl Guides/Boy Scouts, or other youth groups — and for whom the PD at School site license is not available. Sorry it took us so long!

    Keep in touch and let us know if you’ve got a need for specialized Personality Dimensions products to work with your clients, students or special interest groups and we’ll try to work with you.


    1. Hi Fiona… we can absolutely ship to you in England… in fact we can ship anywhere in the world! Just send an email to letting us know which of the materials you are interested in, and how many so we can provide you with a price for the materials and shipping.


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