Personality Dimensions – Upgrade and Save



For a limited time only, upgrade your Personality Dimensions® Manual and Personality Dimensions® Building Blocks to the new Second Editions, and save up to 50%!


Building Blocks to a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop provides a complete “how to conduct an Introductory workshop” in a binder.

The second edition of this Guide includes:

  • A revised and updated PowerPoint® presentation, including:
    • An expanded Tying It All Together section with more examples
    • A new History section reflecting the extensive research undertaken
  • Guidance on how to use and integrate PD-Online into your presentations
  • An appendix of PowerPoint® slides for quick reference
  • Combined handouts and PowerPoint® on the accompanying CD for easy reference
  • A myriad of other updates and revisions throughout, based on trainer feedback


This Manual has the information you need to learn about the theory behind Personality Dimensions®.

The second edition of this Manual includes:

  • Vastly expanded research into the history of temperament and personality
    • Researcher and author Scott Campbell found a few surprises!
  • Improved and expanded section on Introversion and Extraversion
    • Introversion/Extraversion expert Carole Cameron offers insight into integrating and respecting Introversion and Extraversion in your workshops
  • Countless other updates and revisions throughout, based on trainer feedback


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