Personality Dimensions – New Book

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Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

By Kate Jones, M.Ed & Wayne Jones, M.Ed

Do you sometimes wonder if your child is trying to drive you crazy? Or do you sometimes ask the question, “Why can’t they be more like me?”

Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality (GPS)  is the product of the authors’ parenting workshops on the four temperaments/colours that help parents understand better “what makes our kid tick.”  The book acts as a Roadmap (…or GPS!)  that provides effective parenting techniques geared to your child’s specific and natural way of behaving, while promoting positive self-esteem.  It supports the notion that every child has great potential ready to be unlocked.

Based on the theory behind Personality Dimensions®, GPS  is fun, easy-to-read and filled with real-life stories and anecdotes to help you identify what each temperament wants and what gets in the way.  This book provides practical strategies for raising children in a positive environment that enhances your kid’s specific nature.  – “Yummy” or “Yucky”  – Ready! Set! Start Your Engines! – Destination: Disney – GPS For Your Parenting Journey Preferences – GPS for Your Children’s Journey – GPS for “Bumps” Along The Way – GPS for Positive Communication on Your Journey – GPS For Introverts & Extraverts on Your Journey – GPS for Creating Positive Home Learning Environments – The Final GPS Coordinates Are Yours!

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